Arc Protection System


An arc flash relay is partnered with a number of sensors. These sensors are located in each compartment, and will detect the arc fault through the detection of light or pressure. as soon as it starts to develop. The relay then sends a trip command to the circuit breaker nearest to the fault when an arc fault is detected. This will then open the breaker, cut the current and eliminate the arc.

The AQ100 system can detect the arc and send the trip command in just 2ms.

Some of the key benefits of the AQ100 Series arc flash relay are:

  • Fast trip time of 2ms
  • Extremely flexible system with a large range of sensors and configuration options
  • Up to 12 point sensors available per relay
  • Panel/rack and din rail mounting available
  • 3 phase current detection
  • 3 different detection methods: current, pressure and light

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