ECM-700 Multifunction Power Meter

  • Three phase multifunction power meter series where suit up to 220kV system
  • Compact device is designed for monitoring and displaying electric parameters include voltage, current , active power, reactive power, power factor, frequency, active energy and reactive energy.
  • Additional, it is user-configurable enable users to add extend-able DI/DO modules.
  • The auxiliary functions (SOE, TOU, harmonic analysis, dual-RS485 com) are so powerful enough to satisfy different applications.

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    ECM-903 Three-phase / ECM-901 Single Phase Direct Connected Multifunction Energy Meter

  • Designed for measuring energy consumption in AC system.
  • this intelligent meter combines with micro-electronics technique, advanced integrate circuit, digital and SMT techniques.
  • Via the special LCD display, the energy data is customer friendly and accurately presented.
  • Additional, its compact design and DIN rail enable easy installing and maintaining.

    Download Catalog : ECM-903 & ECM-901