• Applications: Fixed power factor correction. Automatic power factor correction equipment
  • Features:
Voltage: 230 … 525 V AC
Output: 0.5 … 30 kvar, 1 and 3 phase, 50/60 Hz
Life expectancy: Up to 135 000 hours at temperature class -40/C
Up to 100 000 hours at temperature class -40/D
  • Customer benefits: Costs- Very cost-effective design
  •  Electrical: Good inrushcurrent withstand capability due to heavy edge up to 200 x IR. Corona-free, high capacitance stability
  •  Mechanical & maintenance: Upright mounting position, maintenance-free
  •  Safety: Self-healing, over-pressure dis-connector, optimized capacitor safety terminal for B32344 series, fast-on terminals for B32340 and B32343 series

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